Monday, August 23, 2010

Jack & the Giant Dragon...

An art post ... indeed this blog does actually have art in it as well as cupcakes and baking adventures.

My baby cousin (really my cousin's son - I'm not sure what the term would be for him but I call him cousin) went to his first day of kindergarten this week. And after school he called me to see if I would draw him a dragon that he could color in and glitter.

So instead of going out to lunch as planned I got out my trusty number two pencil and some white printer paper (clearly not any fancy art supplies for me) and set down to draw a happy dragon. If I had been at home I might have actually used the digital tablet that I bought ages ago and I haven't used in a while.

Here is the original sketch, I didn't worry to much about cleaning up messy edges and such. Now since this project was to be colored in and glittered I blew it up on the office copier and then pasted it to some poster board so that it would hold up to all the glue and glitter to come.

And here is the finished project.

Those are some serious glitter skills. Way to go Jack :)


  1. Thanks ... :D

    I will have to doodle more often. I kinda forgot how much fun it was.


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