Friday, August 6, 2010

Drunken Raspberry Cupcakes…

I went on vacation for almost all of June and therefore missed the bridal shower for my friend for whom I am making the wedding cake in a week. So I didn’t get to make her pretty cupcakes. But then about two days before the bachelorette party my other friend said “Did I ask you to make cupcakes for the party?” Well I don’t remember her asking but heck cupcakes are easy. So what kind of cupcakes do you make for a bachelorette party, well boozy ones of course. And as the wedding flowers are going to be fuchsia hydrangeas, I thought it has to be pink.

So I made my normal yellow cake recipe, substituting out a bit (ok a lot) of the liquid with Chambord and tinting the batter pink. Now to frost them I made a basic buttercream but used chambord as flavoring instead of vanilla. Using a #2D piping tip I piped on flower petals to achieve a hydrangea look and sprinkled with a bit of clear sugar sprinkles.

These cupcakes have quite a bit of frosting on them and as I have a couple of friends that don’t like a lot of frosting (I know … it’s a bit weird) I rolled out some fondant in a light blue/teal color and cut out a cupcake topper and used a bit of buttercream to attach the fondant to the cupcake and a bit of white royal icing to make a heart on top.


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